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Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog. Sometimes I see a bunch of the same questions coming in again and again so for today I decided to answer some of them for you. The following are five of the most common questions I have received lately regarding getting married in Salem, MA. I hope this helps!

Keep in mind, I don’t work for the city of Salem, I’m not a lawyer, an expert, etc. This is just information I have gathered on my own.

How long does it take to get a marriage license in Salem?

Once the court files the paperwork, there is a wait of three days. You can read about that here on the city’s website.

Can I just go to a historic site and use their lawn or stand on the property?

Unfortunately, no. You’d need to contact the organization that owns the property or site and work that out with them.

Can I get married in one of Salem’s parks? Can I get married at the Old Town Hall from Hocus Pocus?

In regards to the parks, yes. Again, you’d need to contact the organization associated with that land and make arrangements. Regarding the Old Town Hall, also yes. You can read about that here.

Do you know anyone who could do the ceremony?

I’d suggest looking into Salem’s Black Hat Society. They can do it dressed up or in more plain clothing, depending on how creepy you want to go. I suggest them because Brian is one of the most kind, genuine and awesome people all around. He goes above and beyond.

Where can I take my wedding photos around Salem?

I’ve got an entire blog post dedicated to that which can be found right here. You should also talk with your photographer and get their input.

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I hope this helped!! Feel free to reach out and congrats on your big day in Salem. Enjoy!! <3






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