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Hi everyone! Happy Friday and welcome back to the blog. Today I wanted to chat about a few group activities you can do with your wedding party in Salem, MA! I know there are definitely times where everyone in the wedding party doesn’t know one another, that’s what got me thinking about this. The following are a few things you can do as a group, or as bridesmaids and groomsmen to have some bonding time. This is great to do in the days leading up to the ceremony if possible but can certainly be done after as well. I hope it’s helpful!

Take a walking tour

Salem is home to many walking tours, there is definitely something for every taste or interest. Book a walking tour for your group, explore Salem, get some steps in and bond a bit all at the same time. Many of Salem’s businesses do allow private tours to be booked, so that is also an option. If you’re a super large group, I would definitely call ahead.

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Go out on the water

I have mentioned the Schooner Fame time and time again because I seriously love going out on the water with them. Book a sail with the Fame and get everyone together in a unique way. Have some drinks, check out views of the city from the boat and have some bonding time together before the big day.

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Hop onto the Salem Trolley

Hop aboard the Salem Trolley! Definitely get tickets in advance if you’re able to and/or call ahead. The Trolley does a great job of bringing you around to some of Salem’s most popular landmarks and historic sites. It’s especially a great option if you have some first timer’s to the city in your group who want to see some of Salem before the wedding.

I hope this helps give you some ideas! This list is certainly not all inclusive but hopefully it got the gears moving for you. Have fun and enjoy!!

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salem ma, group activities you can do with your wedding party in salem ma