Hi everyone, happy Friday and welcome back. I know it has been a looong minute since I posted content here on this blog. That is because we just went through the busiest time of year here in Salem, MA and I was super busy with everything I do over on my main website, ThingstodoinSalem.com. Now that it has calmed down a bit, I want to get back into the groove here and begin scheduling content again regularly. Since we are now in November I figured today we could chat about three reasons to have an off season wedding in Salem, MA. So here we go!

Three reasons to have an off season wedding in Salem, MA

The first reason is a pretty obvious one and one well known in the wedding industry. It’s generally cheaper! Getting married in the winter months or early spring can save you money with your venue and possibly vendors as well.

The second reason is one that was just felt in the city of Salem, MA as we rolled into November. The crowding in Salem is way, way, way less compared to the fall. If you decide on a winter wedding, you will have the added benefit of a much more calm and quiet Salem. Please note that some attractions and businesses do keep seasonal hours, so if you were planning on doing some tourism while you’re visiting be sure to do your homework ahead of time regarding that.

The third and final reason is more open or flexible availability. With all of the rescheduled weddings from 2020, most venues and vendors have been super booked up. Planning an off season wedding in Salem, MA can potentially make it easier to book the wedding professionals you want for your big day.

There you have it! I hope this helps you plan your big day and gives you some insight into off season possibilities. Enjoy!! <3

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