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Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog!! I am super excited to be back after the little holiday break I took from posting content. Today I want to chat about one of my favorite festivals in Salem…the Salem’s So Sweet festival! This year it has changed due to COVID-19 of course but some of my favorite parts of it will be there for all to enjoy. So here we go!

Ice sculptures

The ice sculptures will be back in Salem for the Salem’s So Sweet festival! This is my favorite part of the entire thing, to be honest. I love walking around, taking pictures of the sculptures and seeing what they all look like. This would make for such a fun morning with your significant other! Bundle up, walk around with a map of the ice sculpture locations and check it all out. This is also nice and safe, outside and socially distant.

Shopping incentives for Valentine’s Day gifts

If you’re looking to grab some Valentine’s Day gifts for your honey, the shopping incentives in Salem during the festival are a great chance to do so. Many businesses are participating in a punch card program which can score you some deals!

Take out food levelled up!

Dining inside Salem’s restaurants is not the best or easiest plan of action right now. However, many restaurants would love to package up take out for you! Grab take out treats from your favorites and set up a fancy dinner date in your hotel room or Airbnb! Dress up in nice clothes, set the mood and dine in style. This is a great way to support Salem’s businesses while enjoying time with your significant other.

Where will you be staying?

I hope this information helped give you some ideas and inspo for your visit. If you’re looking for your hotel or Airbnb, I have some great options for you at the links below. You can also use the following search boxes to find the best one for you.

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I hope this helped!! Enjoy the festival and I hope you have a great visit with your loved ones.

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