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Well, since it’s October and only a few weeks from Halloween, why not keep up with the spooky vibes here on the blog? Last week I wrote about moon phases and weddings so this week let’s chat about tarot card readings and weddings.

I have been reading and studying tarot for about a decade now. I love the gorgeous artwork available on the market, the symbolism, the psychology, the archetypes, all of it! So what are three basic readings you could do before your wedding day? Here we go.

Three card spread: Past, present, future

The first one is a basic three card pull, left to right, past, present, future. Each card indicates a message for you from the universe that you should keep in mind as you begin this next chapter in your life.

Five card spread: What you need to know or bring into the marriage

This five card spread covers what you need to know, what you should release or what you should bring into the marriage. You could get messages regarding letting go of baggage, keeping an eye on finances, messages about communication and more. This spread is a simple glimpse into what you should keep your eye on to create a happy marriage.

Five card spread: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

This spread is a fun one and a take on an old wedding tradition. You can interpret this any way you like! The “something old” might be messages around how you met your partner. “Something borrowed” might be a lesson or value you may learn from your partner within the marriage. Have fun with this one.

Need some help with that reading?

If you’re looking for a little help with that reading, I’d be happy to throw cards for you. I recently opened up a few slots for five card tarot readings over at! Click the link to head over to the shop and grab one while you can.

I hope this helped give you some fun ideas! Feel free to comment below with your own spreads and interpretations. Best of luck on your big day!

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