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Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog. For those of you who don’t know, I have been a practicing Pagan and witch for about fifteen or so years now. Part of being involved in the metaphysical world means understanding moon phases and how to work with them. Working with the moon phase of your wedding day is a great way to subtly involve universal energy to help set the tone for your new life together. So what does that mean, exactly?

Working with waxing moon energy

If your wedding day falls on a waxing moon (meaning it’s getting “bigger” or more full) I’d focus on what you want to draw into the marriage. Is it just general love and peace? Are you wanting to draw into the marriage a happy household complete with kiddos and a dog? Is it prosperity and abundance so money is never an argument? Focus on what you want to bring into the relationship as you begin this next chapter together.

Working with full moon energy

Getting married on a full moon is super exciting! Full moons are great for manifesting dreams and setting your sights on your future visions. For full moon energy I’d focus on what your future together looks like overall. Sit together and picture the home you’d like or apartment you’re searching for. Picture kids or pets or others in the household if that’s something you both want. Focus on happy career paths that allow you time to be together and be fulfilled by what you do for work as well. Consider this like mentally making a vision board of your life together.

Working with waning moon energy

If your wedding day falls on a waning moon (meaning it’s getting “smaller” or is decreasing in visible size after the full moon) then I’d focus on what you want to release or let go of. I’d focus on letting go of any arguments that don’t lead to a productive resolution or growth, release worry, release doubt, release fear. Let go of anything that could potentially hold you, your significant other, or the relationship back and know the path is clear for you.

Tarot for clarity

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I hope this information helped! Feel free to comment below with the moon phase of your big day and best of luck to you.

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