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Having an outdoor wedding, especially in the spring or fall, can make for such a lovely experience. Some of my favorite weddings I have ever photographed when I was shooting weddings full time were outside or somewhere scenic – it always made for the best pictures!

Today on the blog I want to chat about five things you should consider when having an outdoor wedding in Salem, MA. I hope this helps you plan and have the gorgeous day you have envisioned.

Fall crowds in the background

The first thing I want to bring up is fall crowds. If you are booking a venue, of course you will have private space. However, if you’re considering doing your ceremony somewhere more open like a park or public space, you need to consider fall tourists. You don’t want thousands of people wandering through the background of your ceremony or pictures! Make sure you take this into account and have a secluded space for your day, if that’s what you’re going for.

Super hot days

New England weather pretty much does what it wants, when it wants. A cute way to make sure your bridal party and/or guests are all set is to include weather related items in the day. If you are having a summer wedding, include a little bottle of sunscreen in gift bags for your wedding party or offer paper fans to guests.

Super cold days

Continued from the above item…if it’s a chilly day, offer lap blankets or consider bringing in space heaters. Keeping these little things in mind will make sure everyone is comfortable and able to enjoy the day you worked so hard to plan out.

Have a rain plan

I have said this a million times to brides I worked with. Have a rain plan! Check with your venue and make sure they are able to move you indoors if needed. Make sure you understand the logistics of moving your event indoors as well. Some venues expect you to make that decision on the day of, by a certain time. Other venues will make the decision for you. Be sure you know how it will work in case of bad weather.

You also need to consider your other vendors in this too. DJs, photographers, live bands, etc. all need to be included in this discussion. Make sure to read the details of your contract – some vendors won’t work outdoors even if it’s just sprinkling because of their equipment. Have a rain plan in place and make sure all of your vendors are on the same page ahead of time.

Windy days

Make sure ahead of time that any loose items outside can be secured. This includes place settings, table cards, menu cards, candles and more. Each of these items might need to be weighted down so keep this in mind, especially if you’re getting married in Salem anywhere near the water.

I hope this helps you with your big day!! Good luck and feel free to comment below with your own ideas and suggestions.

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five things to consider when having an outdoor wedding in salem ma